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Intruder alarms

Sure alarms offers a complete selection of Intruder alarm systems to meet any customers’ needs. These systems include Wired, Wireless Radio and Hybrid systems that combine wireless and wired technologies providing Perimeter security or the motion sensor protection.

The Intruder alarm system comprises the control panel, detection devices and internal and external sirens. The control panels we install are designed for both domestic and commercial installation. For the domestic customers we offer completely wireless systems or hybrid/ wired systems, while the recommended system for the commercial customer is Hybrid /wired system that can use both wired and wireless technology. The detection devices we offer vary in wired/wireless technology, Quad/ Dual PIRs, Shock inertia/ contact sensors, ID sensors, Panic / duress alarm buttons. Shock sensors are devices placed on a window or door frame which detect vibration, i.e. if someone is banging, jiggling or attempting to force open the window or door the sensor picks this up and causes the burglar alarm to activate.


Wireless Starter kit

The Wireless Starter kit is a fully integrated, wireless control panel system using HKC’s SecureWave, two-way wireless technology. The on-board horizontal and vertical antennas mean that all signal paths will demonstrate exceptional end-device range. With an integrated keypad, siren and dialler, installation will be very quick and easy. Also, the aesthetics and elegant design lines mean that it can be mounted anywhere in the premises.

The Kit Includes:

  • 01x Integrated Keypad
  • 01x Integrated Internal Siren
  • 01x Integrated Dialler with Modem/Voice/SMS Capability
  • 01x Integrated backup Battery
  • 01x Integrated Speaker with Extensive Voice library
  • 01x Wireless Contact sensor
  • 01x Wireless Inertia Sensor
  • 02x Wireless PIRs
  • 01x External Siren
  • 01x Wireless keyfob
  • Supply and installation

Total cost: €599


GSM Network Monitoring

Monitoring using the GSM cellular network via GSM Sim card


CCTV Monitoring

Monitoring via IP and Internet network