Fire Alarms

Fire Panel

Fire Panels are the hub of all of the fire-detection devices throughout the building. Everything is linked back to one of these panels. This particular panel, pictured, is a C-Tec panel. We primarily use these panels, but are able to get various types depending on the site and the job, due to their compliance with European Fire Standards and their reliability. Fire panels have 2 specific jobs; they manage the devices that are attached to them, monitoring for fire signals and for faults, and, when a fire is detected, to go into alarm and demonstrate the zone that the signal has come from.

Smoke Detector

These units identify smoke, and respond very well to smouldering and slow-burning fires. They are unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure. Due to their nature, they are ideally suited for bedrooms and escape routes. These units have an indicator LED, which emits a red light when it is in alarm, making them easy to identify as the cause of any alarms.

Heat Detector

These units identify extreme heat by using a thermometer to monitor external air temperature. The ones that we use tend to identify anything in excess of 55°C, however we are also able to use Detectors that monitor a range of temperatures from -20°C to over 60°C. They are used in places that are unsuitable to use smoke detectors; places that are either dirty or smoky under natural conditions. Places like these would include car parks, loading bays, and warehouses for commercial properties, and kitchens, bathrooms, and garages for residential properties.

Sounder Base

These units are used in conjunction with Smoke and Heat Detectors. The bases can be mounted onto the ceiling or wall, and then the detector can be fitted on top of the base. This allows for the detector to activate the base, which emits a two-tone alarm to notify people to the problem. These are a great idea in larger buildings, or buildings where sound doesn’t travel well, so that every area of the property can be alerted.

Manual Call Point

These are more commonly used in commercial buildings, but can be used in larger residential buildings (such as apartments). The idea behind them is that once someone sees a fire, they can press the Manual Call Point, which will alarm the Fire Panel and set off the alarms and Sounder Bases placed around the building. These bases are easily resettable, in case of it being pushed accidentally.

Carbon Monoxoide Detector

These detectors constantly monitor air quality and are a must-have for any room that contains a fuel burning appliance. These are ideal for places where people spent a lot of time, such as sitting rooms and kitchens, as they ensure your safety from a potentially lethal gas.