CCTV Systems

Here at Sure Alarms we can facilitate any and all of your CCTV needs. Whether you have a large system that you need fitting, with multiple screens and dozens of cameras, or if you want the added security at your house of 2 or 3 cameras outside your property. We can do it all.

We have access to a wide range of products that we’re able to install and program to do whatever you need them to do. From ANPR cameras that recognize your numberplate, to simple black and white cameras that can be used for basic security reasons.

Network Systems

Network systems are IP based and, as such, have the potential for higher quality images. We would always recommend IP systems, as they run over internet cables and have a faster speed. There are a lot more options available when it comes to IP cameras and systems, and most systems are now moving towards IP and Network technology. IP systems offer a better overall set up than the traditional analogue system. They have better image quality, higher resolution, and have access to advanced features like Artificial Intelligence. Using an IP system, you can have a fantastic CCTV system installed with fewer devices and cables.

HD Systems

HD Systems, or Turbo Systems, are analogue cameras that have, generally, lower quality images. If you want a very basic system that still functions as a great CCTV alternative, then this is the system that you want. Because IP is becoming more and more the go-to for Camera Systems, we would offer a Hybrid recorder with any HD system, which would allow you to expand your system to an IP system at a later date. This means you get a great camera system, at a lower cost, that has the potential to be made even better in the future!

Cable Management

Whether you have a wireless system or a wired system installed, there will still be cables to deal with. Power cables for the various devices and cable to connect the cameras, the Recorder and the Monitor. Here at Sure Alarm we are aware of how unpleasant clusters of cables can appear, and, as such, we use smart management systems to better organize your cables. We can use Gigabit Switches to make sure the transmission speed of your cameras never drops, whilst also ensuring that only a single wire is going from the Recorder to your cameras. We can also create Wireless Bridges using out Ubiqiti Systems to create seamless wireless networks across a site of any size.